GMA Christmas Email
Merry Christmas from Gray Matters Advertising

We would like to thank all our customers for their business in 2021 and wish you joyful greetings this festive season and a safe and happy 2022.

GMA will be closed from COB Thursday, December 23 and reopening Tuesday, January 4 2022.

If you have any enquiries during that time, please email Urgent queries to Conrad Thunig on 0439 315 378.

Christmas Deadlines

EGN Publication date Booking Deadline
Mercury 22 Dec 2021 - 4 Jan 2022 Wed 15 Dec 2021
Examiner/Adv 21 Dec 2021 - 24 Dec 2021 Thursday 16 Dec 2021
Examiner/Adv 27 Dec 2021 - 6 Jan 2022 Tuesday 21 Dec 2021
Classifieds Publication date Booking Deadline
Mercury 22 Dec 2021 - 6 Jan 2022 Friday 17 Dec 2021
Examiner/Adv 23 Dec 2021 - 24 Dec 2021 Wed 22 Dec 2021
Examiner/Adv 27 Dec 2021 - 4 Jan 2022 Tuesday 21 Dec 2021

*Please note*
The Mercury Newspaper will NOT be printed on Christmas Day, Saturday, December 25, 2021. Reduced digital coverage will continue via the website

The Examiner and Advocate will NOT be printed Christmas Day or Boxing Day, Saturday, December 25-26, 2021

Tas Weekend - Last issue December 18. Returning 22/01/22

Australian - Please note the Australian Newspaper will NOT be printed on Christmas Day, Saturday, December 25, 2021. Reduced digital coverage will continue via the website

The Australian will be closed from 23/12/21 to 05/01/22. December 22, Booking deadline.

Cor Comms Publishing (Hobart Observer, Glenorchy Gazette, Eastern Shore Sun) - Closed 24/12/21 to 04/01/22

Glenorchy Gazette - December 17, Booking deadline (Jan 11 issue)

Hobart Observer - December 22, Booking deadline (Jan 18 issue)

Eastern Shore Sun - January 7, Booking deadline (Jan 25 issue)

Font Publishing (Derwent Valley Gazette, King Island Courier, Tas Country, The Sorell Times)

Derwent Valley Gazette not published December 22, 29

King Island Courier not published December 30, January 6

Tas Country not published December 31, January 7

The Sorell Times not published December 29, January 5

Keep reading for GMA insights into 2022 MEDIA INSIGHTS...


- GMA Digital Marketing Manager Jake Seychell taps into the digital pulse...

2021 has seen the rise and fall of several experimental advertising trends as agencies come to grips with a volitile digital market.

To no surprise, social media and video advertising continue to surge as more local businesses seek to exploit the power of the online platforms as they to adjust to a post-covid marketing landscape.

In 2022, we can expect to see brands capitalise on the more intimate consumer relationships afforded by the medium to refine their customer profiles and bolster their market share.

The way agencies collect and use client data is also set to change, as preparations begin for a digital world with less explicit user tracking as global electronic cookie policies come into effect. Those who currently use data gathered from third-party cookies in their marketing system will need to consider alternate means to learn about their customers and execute their campaigns.

However you choose to collect and use your customer data, remember:

  • Content is still king for these users - although clarity through the telling of customer stories is the new heir.
  • Consider the opportunities that reworked QR-codes offer directly linking traditional media to digital.
  • And, focus on optimising local SEO.


Print media retains its value as a reliable and trusted source of information, but remains most effective as a driver to digital media.

Locally, News Corp and ACM - and to some extent community newspapers - have ramped up discounts for cross-platform advertising over the past 12 months with Tasmanian government and business investment in that area, reaching new participation rates across social media and industry sites.


Video consumption exploded during 2020-21 as the pandemic took hold with TV proving to be the medium that united, reassured, informed and entertained.

Now, the boundaries between VOD and linear TV are blurring as VOD begins to offer more TV-like content such as docos, sport or reality.

Advertisers will need to focus on five key pain points moving forward: Ad avoidance, constantly changing targeting, sharing brand ownership with consumers (audience diversity), growth and budgeting, and measurement.


- We asked GMA Account Manager Katey Love what the trends for 2022 are:


All forecasts lead to the current job seeker’s market continuing well into the new year.

Finding qualified job candidates will remain a significant challenge as work opportunities in most markets are still plentiful for both skilled and unskilled professionals across various industries and job functions.

Our clients are focussed on casting the net internationally with shorter application processes, better mobile application processes and improved employee referral programs.

Public Notices/Tenders

Where internet access is limited in Tasmania, local newspapers remain the most suitable choice for procedural advertising. However, we are beginning to see more procedural advertising in community newspapers.


In campaign effectiveness, advertisers are seeking direct integration-based measurement to independently measure ad campaign performance across platforms.

Short-form video will continue to grow in popularity and influencer marketing will still be a key lead/ revenue driver.

However, audio content will take a front seat and social responsibility will be more important.

Brands will continue to apply inbound marketing strategies with content and storytelling key.

And yes, nostalgia remains the most popular way to connect with your audience!


- GMA Art Director Conrad Thunig has a few tips on branding for 2022.

Branding has seen a resurgence in the past two years, thanks to the increase in digital marketing, as a result of the pandemic.

Don’t automatically think TV commercials or banner ads, as YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, reports and articles can help you explore demographics and communities beyond your existing audience.

And, gone are the days when logos consisted of fussy graphics. They need to be neat and clean for use across multiple platforms at different scales. Consider simple versions of your logo depending on application.


Climate, China, Bigtech. GMA Executive Director Sarah Fitzpatrick dissects the news trends of 2021, and how they will create opportunities locally in 2022.

Climate accountability - Post COP20, the focus will be on corporate and government CSR, particularly sustainability in the Tasmanian industry. Think construction through to hospitality.

Bigtech - The showdown between legal code and digital code has only just begun. Smart business and governance now expect AI-powered solutions for targeted marketing data efficiencies and insights.

Cybersecurity - Increased cyber attacks on institutions such as schools, banks, and hospitals has seen local B2B and B2G tenders call for increased protections for supplier computer systems and networks dealing with sensitive or personal information.

Global supply chains and China tensions - Tasmanian producers and suppliers will focus on maintaining their international market position while strengthening local promotion. Think education, tourism, food producers.

Diversity and inclusion - Government and industry realisation of equal opportunity in the Tasmanian workforce continues to consolidate employment and training pathway accessibility, particularly in rural and remote regions.

Work life balance - Workers and consumers will rethink their career trajectory post pandemic necessitating bigger investment in ICT coverage and local transport solutions.

Future sustainability for local news - Increasing avenues of misinformation will see more opportunities to begin solving the lack of accessible and quality information at the local level.

That's just a taste of things to come. To stay up to date on the current trends in media and communications, head to our website.